Message from the Head

It is a great pleasure to see our first School newsletter come together highlighting activities, appointments and successes of individuals and departments and we owe Bernardo a big ‘thank you’ for collating and publishing these news items.


As I read through each item I was struck by the breadth and depth of the talent in our School and by the diversity of ways in which we engage with people, communities and agencies beyond our institution. Perhaps, like me, you sometimes get ‘fixed’ on the lens of your own role, discipline and/or department, so hopefully a regular School newsletter will facilitate awareness of opportunities for interaction across departments and building on each other’s strengths. This will only be possible if you continue to send Bernardo newsworthy items.

Many of you will be aware that the School Executive have been reviewing and developing a strategic plan for the next five years and exploring commonalities in research interests and activities across the departments to see if we can develop critical mass and alignment with the Faculty’s research strengths. We would be pleased to receive your feedback on the draft documents resulting from these activities: the School's Strategic Plan and Research Strategy including the Six Research Pillars.

As you will see in the Strategic Plan one of our ‘challenges’ is to define a clear and cohesive overarching School identity/brand. To this end, I am seeking your creative input so please send Bernardo any ideas.