The Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences would like to thank the generous support of the ophthalmic industry who have donated or subsidised the cost of consulting and diagnostic equipment in the clinic.

  • BOC Instruments : Nidek Tonoref II Auto Refractor/Keratometer/Tonometer, Nidek RT-5100 Auto Refractor Heads, Nidek RS-1000 Zoom Slit Lamps, and Nidek SC-2000 Chart Systems.
  • Carl Zeiss Vision : Cirrus HD-OCT optical coherence tomographer, Visucam Pro NM fundus camera, Atlas 9000 corneal topographer, Humphrey Field Analyzer II-i, Humphrey Matrix Perimeter, and digital anterior eye cameras.
  • Designs For Vision : Digital Photography Slit Lamp.
  • Device Technologies : Topcon 3D OCT 2000, Topcon CA 200 Corneal Topographer, Optoglobal AP100 Automated Perimeter, Goldman Tonometers, Reichert Pachymeters, Haag Streit BQ Slit Lamps, Haag Streit IM900 Anterior Imaging Systems , Topcon Slit Lamps, Topcon DC 3 Anterior Cameras, Optoglobal and Luneau LCD Charts, Topcon VT10 Phoropter Heads, Topcon IS700 and Reliance Chair and Stand units.
  • Eyetalk Consultants : donated a subscription to their Reference Guide.
  • Sunix : donated Vision practice management system.