Student achievements

Student achievements from the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences.

Anna van Koeverden — Helen Macpherson Smith Scholarship

Congratulations to Ms Anna van Koeverden (right) on receiving the Helen Macpherson Smith Scholarship, which will enable her to undertake her PhD studies to better understand the why neurons die in glaucoma, a disease estimated to affect some 300,000 Australians. This scholarship is awarded to high achieving female students undertaking research study at the University of Melbourne in scientific or technical disciplines or humanities and social sciences.

Nikki Rubinstein

Nikki completed her PhD thesis titled `Incorporating spatial information into visual field testing algorithms’.

Soumya Mukherjee

Soumya completed his Masters project exploring difference in the way that axons are organised between individuals with short sightedness.

Cassie Brooks

Cassie completed her MPhil thesis “Integration of auditory and visual temporal rate in aging”.