Field Education 2017 and Invitation for New Student Placement Opportunities 2018

The 2017 Master of Social Work (MSW) Student Placement block will be coming to a close in late August.

As is usual for the University of Melbourne, a large number of placements occurred in the hospitals in the Parkville precinct and beyond. These opportunities offer students a well-structured placement and provide a rich learning about social work in a multidisciplinary context.  The Hobson’s Bay Community Project offered a group of students a community development placement exploring the inclusion of children with a disability in local sport and recreation activities. A first-time project was undertaken in the office of Nina Springle MLC Victoria, exploring child protection policy and this concept will extend into 2018 in different parliamentary office.  The Field Education Office works with a broad range of NGOs and government partners and welcomes discussions on new and innovative student placement opportunities and projects.