The Thorax and Whole Body Function

Wednesday 6 July 2016
6:30 - 9:00pm

The thorax forms the largest region of the spine and trunk and is essential for respiration, while ensuring effective transfer of loads for optimal whole body function and performance. There are multiple mechanisms by which a dysfunctional thorax, whether painful or pain-free, can be “the primary driver” for pain and problems anywhere from your head to your toes.

Come and be inspired by this internationally recognized clinician, as Dr LJ Lee provides a window into her almost two decade long journey into the thorax - from clinical observations, personal experiences, and PhD research that has contributed to the development of her innovative Thoracic Ring Approach™. After this evening you will have a new appreciation of the many connections between the thorax and the rest of the body and the essential role that the thorax plays in optimal whole body function and performance.

Dr. LJ Lee is recognized internationally as a skilled educator, clinician and researcher. She is the creator of ConnectTherapy™ and the innovative Thoracic Ring Approach™ to assess and train the integrated function of the thoracic spine-ribcage complex.