Shoes for Chronic Hip Pain (SCHIPP)

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This study is comparing the effects of two classes of readily available off-the-shelf shoes on hip pain and osteoarthritis symptoms. Participants will be randomly allocated into two different groups. Participants in each group will be provided with 2 pairs of different shoes to wear daily for 6 months.

You may be eligible if you:

  • are aged 45+ years;
  • have had hip pain for 3 months or longer;
  • have had pain in your hip on most days for the past month;
  • can commit to wearing either or both pairs of study shoes for 6 months

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Shoe rack

SCHIPP was designed and developed by researchers (Prof Rana Hinman, Prof Kim Bennell, Dr Kade Paterson, Dr Sarah Jones, and Ben Metcalf) at the University of Melbourne.