Mobile app for Knee Osteoarthritis (MappKO)

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This randomised controlled trial aims to evaluate whether a mobile app designed to support exercise participation improves the outcomes  of a short course of physiotherapy care focussed on strengthening exercises. All participants will receive two telehealth consultations with a physiotherapist for prescription of a strengthening program. All participants will be encouraged to continue with the exercise program for 24 weeks at home. Approximately half of participants (randomly determined by the researchers) will also download and interact with a mobile app for 24 weeks.

You may be eligible if you:

  • are aged 45+ years;
  • have had knee pain for 3 months or longer;
  • have had pain in your knee on most days for the past month;
  • have access to a computer / laptop / tablet with internet connection for Zoom consultations;
  • own a smartphone;
  • are willing to participate in video consultations for physiotherapy appointments and engage with a mobile app.

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MappKO banner with mobile app

MappKO was designed and developed by researchers (Prof Rana Hinman, Prof Kim Bennell, Rachel Nelligan, Penny Campbell, Alexander Kimp, Bridget Graham, Dr Mark Merolli, Dr Karen Lamb, Fiona McManus) at the University of Melbourne.