PEAK program- on-line training for physiotherapists in telehealth delivery of evidence-based knee osteoarthritis care

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing use of telehealth to deliver physiotherapy services in Australia, the Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine (CHESM) at the University of Melbourne has fast-tracked the release of our PEAK (Physiotherapy Exercise and physical Activity for Knee osteoarthritis) program training modules. The program is available free-of-charge at this time to all users (e.g. physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, educators, researchers).

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The PEAK program was devised by physiotherapists (led by Profs Rana Hinman and Kim Bennell) at the University of Melbourne on the basis of research evidence. It guides physiotherapists in how to implement best-practice care to people with knee osteoarthritis, delivered over 5 one-to-one consultations, via video-conferencing (using the Zoom platform) or during face-to-face 'in-person consultations. The PEAK program focuses on patient empowerment through education, prescription of a strengthening exercise program and a physical activity plan, individualised to patient needs, and using minimal exercise equipment (e.g. elastic resistance bands and/or body weight) to enable patients to perform exercise independently at home.

The PEAK program training modules cover evidence-based management of knee osteoarthritis and telehealth delivery via video-conferencing (with Zoom), and provide a semi-structured outline for physiotherapists to deliver education, strengthening exercises, and a physical activity plan across 5 one-to-one consultations. Many of the principles and concepts are applicable to other common musculoskeletal conditions, and to other telehealth video-conferencing platforms. Importantly, a suite of useful patient resources (including a Zoom consultation preparation booklet, an exercise booklet, an osteoarthritis information booklet, a knee  plan and log book) are provided digitally, so that physiotherapists may print/download them or use with their patients in a clinical setting. The PEAK program also provides physiotherapists and patients with access to a website of PEAK exercise videos.

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Other CHESM resources currently freely available:


painTRAINER is an evidence-based online free program for people with chronic pain that teaches them effective pain coping skills. The program is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles and teaches learners how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours ultimately influence the pain experience. It is made up of 8 sessions, one per week, each lasting 30-45 minutes. The painTRAINER program is accessible whenever convenient via computer, tablet, or smartphone. People will learn a variety of pain coping skills and how to use them in their everyday life. Research has shown that completing painTRAINER has improved people’s ability to perform daily activities, reduced their pain, help them develop greater confidence that they can manage pain, and improved their mood for conditions such as osteoarthritis and cancer. The painTRAINER program was produced by researchers at the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM) at the University of Melbourne. Registration for health care professionals also allows an unlocked version of the site so that they may explore the websites features without mandatory viewing of modules. Find out more and start recommending this free resource for your patients today at


My Knee Community

The My Knee Community is an online support group designed by osteoarthritis and behaviour change researchers and hosted by the University of Melbourne. The forum is moderated by expert health professionals and promotes evidence-based management options. It is a place for people from anywhere in Australia with knee osteoarthritis to share experiences and discuss tips for living with persistent knee pain. People with clinical features of knee osteoarthritis are eligible to join. If you have clients/contacts who might like to join the new forum and our growing online community, they will need to complete the short online form by visiting the following link: . There is no requirement to post nor any requirement to remain a member long term. Personal data provided is secure and kept confidential.

Educational knee pain information video

The University of Melbourne has created a video explaining knee pain using simple and positive language that is suitable for using with patients. Please watch this 10 minute video now to help you learn the best ways to explain knee pain to patients.