About Us

Who are we?

The Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM) was established in October 2000 as a multidisciplinary centre within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, administered through the Department of Physiotherapy.

We combine high calibre researchers with experienced clinicians from a range of disciplines including physiotherapy, medicine, science, exercise science and podiatry. We also has a number of internationally recognised clinical associates and research collaborators.

Our facilities

What do we do?

The Centre's activities fall under three main areas:

  • Research – including post doctoral training
  • Education – research higher degree supervision and teaching within the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula
  • Engagement – ensuring research has an impact in the general and professional communities

View our most recent annual report for more information.

What is our focus?

Our main research focus is on the role of conservative strategies, particularly exercise, in promoting overall health and well being and in preventing and managing the public health problems that are currently facing society. To do this, a lifespan approach is taken from childhood through to the elderly years.

A particular focus is the prevention and management of musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Our People

Research Higher Degree students

  • Pei Wei Chi
    Pei Wei Chi, PhD Candidate
    "Effects of modifiable athletic footwear features on running and landing biomechanics of healthy young females: Implications for the development of knee pain syndromes and ACL injury"
  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies, PhD Candidate
    "Enhancing quality care in physiotherapy delivered via Telehealth"
  • Josh Farragher
    Josh Farragher, PhD Candidate
    "The effects of novel force control exercise on disability, biomechanical and neuromuscular adaptations in people with chronic low back pain"
  • Travis Haber
    Travis Haber, PhD Candidate
    "Enhancing the therapeutic effects of exercise for hip and knee osteoarthritis"
  • My-Linh Nguyen
    My-Linh Nguyen, PhD Candidate
    "Using behavioural economics and health behaviour theory to improve participation in physical activity"
  • Patrick Rowe
    Patrick Rowe, MPhil Candidate
    "The Prevention and Management of Ankle Sprains and Chronic Ankle Instability in Netball"
  • Scott Starkey
    Scott Starkey, PhD Candidate
    "Effect of physiotherapy interventions on knee joint contact force in at risk and established knee osteoarthritis via patient specific neuromusculoskeletal modelling"

Centre of Research Excellence

In October 2014, the National Health and Medical Research Council awarded $2.5 million funding over five years to establish the Centre of Research Excellence - Translational Research in Musculoskeletal Pain (Osteoarthritis and Low Back Pain). The CRE is being led by Professor Kim Bennell and 9 other chief investigators from institutes including: the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Monash University, Keele University and University College London, UK.

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