Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, formerly known as UMeyecare, is a private clinic wholly owned and operated by Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics, a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne. It consists of 14 consulting rooms, an instrument room (imaging), vision training room and an extensive dispensing area. The consulting rooms have equipment typical of standard optometric practice. The clinic has an extensive array of state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment, perimeters and other specialist tools.

The Department is housed across multiple sites but is primarily located at Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, (200 Berkeley Street, Carlton) with reasearch facilities at the Kenneth Myer Building (Melbourne Brain Centre) on campus in Parkville.

The administrative home and hub for our Doctor of Optometry students is located at 200 and 202 Berkeley St, Carlton. The Department of Optometry has purpose built preclinical laboratory space and practical class space in this building, along with purpose built student rooms. The preclinical and practical laboratory spaces are located on level one at 200 Berkeley Street, Carlton (above the Melbourne Eyecare Clinic).

Please see our research facilities for further details.