Victorian Optometrists Training and Education

Dr Bao Nguyen along with co-investigators Prof Allison McKendrick and Dr Laura Downie, have been awarded a 2019 Victorian Optometrists Training and Education (VOTE) Trust grant to undertake a project titled 'Improving headache screening in optometric practice'.

Dr Bao Nguyen

The project aims to understand current behaviours of optometrists regarding migraine screening in optometric practice, and to educate optometrists about the utility of a validated migraine screening tool.

Optometrists will be encouraged to participate in a pilot program to implement the tool and to provide feedback on whether the screening tool has influenced their patient management. The results of the project will assist the development of future educational resources for optometrists about headache disorders and improve the diagnosis and management of migraine in the community.

For further information and to discuss this project further please contact Bao Nguyen: