Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council ‘Listen Up Louder’ Conference

On Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November, The CPN team attended the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council’s (VMIAC) ‘Listen Up Louder’ Conference to showcase the Consumer Academic Program.


PHD student Helena Roennfeldt presenting on eCPR and to be with you without fixing judging or advising you with Keynote Speaker Dr Daniel B Fisher.

Presentations were made by Consumer Academic’s Cath Roper, Hamilton Kennedy, Indigo Daya, Rory Randall and PHD student Helena Roennfeldt. They included Consumer Perspective Supervision, What Consumer Perspective means to us, making space for diverse experiences and views and eCPR: Supporting people through emotional crises by connecting, empowering and revitalizing.

Pic 2

Consumer Academic Rory Randall co-presenting with Social Work lecturer Kath Sellick on Leading the Change.

Pic 3

Consumer Academic Indigo Daya receiving a standing ovation while presenting to The Hon. Martin Foley.