2021 Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions for 2021 Collab have now closed.

The Collab is seeking abstracts for virtual and in-person presentations on the specialist practice of mental health nursing across the breadth of service settings: public, private, clinical, community and non-traditional. Our 2021 theme is 'Renewal...One Day or Day One?’ and Abstracts with a Renewal themeFirst Time Presenters Presentation 2019 are particularly encouraged. We strongly encourage First time presenters who will then be eligible to win the First Time Presenters Award and presentations that are co-produced with consumers will be considered for the new Collab Co-Production prize.

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and presentations are expected to be 20 minutes in duration including questions.

Abstract submissions close Monday 1 June

Abstract Information Session - Thursday 15 July 2021

Transcript available here

Graduate nurse and/or post-graduate nursing students

Graduate nurses and post-graduate nursing students are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts. The guidelines below outline the additional ‘short form’ presentation formats open to you, as well as ways to access guidance and support on your abstract submission.

First time conference presenters

The Collab provides an accessible and supportive environment for first time presenters and/or early-career nurses to gain presentation experience, as well as contribute their perspectives to the program. All first time presenters will be eligible for the 2021 First Time Presenters Prize.

Co-Produced conference papers

The Collab strongly encourages Abstract Submissions that are co-produced with a consumer or person with with a lived experience. In 2021 a new prize has been introduced for papers that are co-produced.


General Submissions

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and are invited for 20-minute paper presentations. Please keep your abstract title as brief as possible.

Grad nurse & post-grad student submissions

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and are invited for either 20-minute paper presentations, 10-minute ‘brief’ presentations, or 5-minute ‘Rapid Fire’ group presentations.  You’ll find more detail on these formats below.

Option to present as a group: Consider ‘teaming up’ with one or more of your fellow graduate nurse or post-graduate colleagues, to deliver a series of shorter-format presentations in one back-to-back 'slot' in the program. Note that the 5-minute ‘Rapid Fire’ format is only available for group presentations. See ‘About presenting as a group’ (below) for more detail.

About presenting as a group

If you’d like to present as a group, please submit only one abstract per ‘group’ and outline in the abstract details section: 1) the topic each person will present (include both a 50 - 80 word description & a title for each topic), and 2) which presentation format you’ve opted for (ie: either 20-minute paper, 10-minute ‘brief’ or 5-minute ‘Rapid Fire’)

Please note that, for programming purposes: 1) group presentations must consist of an even number (either two, four or six presentations), 2) all members of the group must choose the same presentation format, and 3) the total running time of each group session proposed must not exceed 40 minutes.

About 5-minute 'Rapid Fire' presentations

  • This format is only open to group presentations with four presenters or more. See ‘About presenting as a group’ (above) for more detail.
  • Each ‘Rapid Fire’ presentation is strictly 5 minutes long, and you are restricted to a maximum of three slides in this timeframe.
  • If your group choses to invite questions from the audience, then one 5-minute Q&A session will open up once the final member of your group has spoken
  • You are welcome to submit an abstract for a single 10-minute presentation, or you can submit a ‘group’ abstract where the group delivers multiple 10-minute presentations in succession. See ‘About presenting as a group’ (above) for more information.
  • If you choose to invite questions at the end of a 10-minute presentation, you must finish your presentation early in order to allow one minute for each question & answer. Eg: for two questions, finish your presentation at 8 minutes allowing two minutes of Q & A.



If you are interested in presenting a paper but would like further guidance or have any other general enquiries please email the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing a cmhn-info@unimelb.edu.au

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