Co-Production is a method of service delivery development that seeks to deliver better, more responsive services by prioritising the expertise of mental health consumers.

Co-production raises the bar on what it means for clinicians and policy makers to ‘collaborate’ with mental health consumers and their supporters. Co-production is not ‘consultation’, ‘participation’ or ‘involvement’.  Instead, it seeks consumer leadership, and does so from the very beginning: before problems are defined, solutions proposed and priorities set.

How does co-production operate?

Co-production is a service delivery model in which service users have an equal, active and direct role in making decisions about how those services are funded, planned and delivered. It is a framework that seeks to deliver more responsive and better quality services by prioritising the expertise of mental health consumers. This way of working attends closely to issues of power, and strategies for equalising power.

What will participants learn in this one day workshop?

This workshop has 2 parts.

  • Part 1 looks at what co-production is and introduces participants to some tools and questions to support working this way.
  • Part 2 participants apply the coproduction principles and reflective questions to developing project plans in their own context.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Clinical managers and practitioners, members of the consumer workforce, members of the carer workforce, and/or anyone with an interest in working in clinical/consumer partnerships.

How do I enrol in this workshop?

Currently, the CPN can only accept enrolments from Nurse Education teams within Victorian area mental health services. If you are an individual or a group of practitioners, contact your Education team to express your interest. Services are entitled to a minimum of two CPN workshops per year at no cost, with a minimum of 15 participants each.

We strongly advise services to encourage community/consumers/carers to attend in order to begin co-producing.

Further reading about co-production

Position paper: Are mainstream mental health services ready to progress transformative co-production?

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Progressing transformative co-production in mental health