Lynne Coulson Barr

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Are we there yet? Reflections from the first five years of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner.

Lynne Coulson Barr image

Dr Lynne Coulson Barr is Victoria's first Mental Health Complaints Commissioner. The office was established under the Mental Health Act 2014 as a key part of the safeguards, oversight and service improvement provisions of the Act. Dr Coulson Barr is committed to working with consumers, families, carers and services to ensure complaints are seen as an opportunity to improve public mental health services, and to use the information from complaints to drive positive changes in the mental health system for all Victorians.

Previous roles held by Dr Coulson Barr include Victorian Deputy Disability Services Commissioner, and President of the Victorian Intellectual Disability Review Panel. Dr Coulson Barr has also served as a member of various state and federal tribunal and statutory bodies, including the Victorian Mental Health Review Board, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Victorian Multiple and Complex Needs Panel, and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Dr Coulson Barr also has extensive experience in leading and delivering support and crisis services, including mental health, disability, out of home care, and child and family services.