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ACCC investigation into the hearing industry

The University of Melbourne Audiology & Speech Pathology Clinic welcomes the findings of the ACCC report released on 3rd March 2017. The key issues raised around the sale of hearing aids are:

1. Sales may be driven by commission and other incentives rather than consumer needs

2. Cost and performance of hearing aids

3. Treatment of vulnerable consumers

Our response is as follows:

The University of Melbourne Audiology Clinic is dedicated to providing a patient-centered, evidence-based, clinical best practice service. The clinic has no affiliation with any hearing device manufacturer that could influence a clinician’s recommendations on the brand of device that is offered, nor do our clinician’s receive any commission on the sale of hearing aids.

Our clinicians provide un-biased recommendations based on the clinical assessment and hearing needs of patients to help assist in an individual's rehabilitation program, which may, or may not, include the fitting of hearing devices. We also offer additional services that are not focused on hearing devices for rehabilitation.

All of our audiologists are University qualified members of Audiology Australia and abide by a strict code of conduct.

We would welcome any feedback on our services.

ACCC concise report

Audiology Australia code of conduct