Stuttering Clinic

For children, adolescents and adults who stutter.

The Stuttering Clinic at The University of Melbourne provides evidence-based treatment for people of all ages who stutter.

Who is this clinic for?

The clinic is for children, adolescents or adults who:

  • Have a suspected stutter; or
  • Have a history of stuttering

Stuttering may be repeating words, sounds or phrases. Stuttering is common; more than one in 10 children start to stutter during the preschool years. While it is true that many children will grow out of stuttering, we cannot predict which children will do so. It is recommended that parents make an appointment to have their child assessed by a speech pathologist, in order to determine whether treatment is recommended.

How is this clinic run?

The clinic is run weekly throughout the year. We provide a comprehensive assessment and a written report. We generally provide one of two evidence-based intervention programs, depending on the age of the client: the Lidcombe Program for children and the Camperdown program for adolescents or adults.

Initial appointments are for up to 60 minutes and focus on assessment and getting to know the client’s needs. Subsequent appointments are for up to 45 minutes and are generally scheduled weekly.

The number of sessions required varies between individual clients. The speech pathologist will discuss this with you.

This is a student run clinic. Student speech pathologists are supported by an expert speech pathologist for all appointments, and either or both may be in the room with you for your appointment.

You may be invited to participate in research as part of this clinic.

Our approach to

  • Stuttering in children

    The Lidcombe Program was designed for children who stutter. The Lidcombe Program is a parent-delivered treatment which is completed daily in the child’s home environment. This is supplemented by weekly clinical visits. The aim of the treatment is for the child to eliminate or minimise their stuttering.

    This program is based on behavioural reinforcement- children are praised for stutter-free speech and gently corrected for stuttered speech.

    The Lidcombe Program is the best evidence-based treatment worldwide for childhood stuttering. Research has demonstrated that children who complete the Lidcombe Program are 7.5 times more likely to recover from stuttering.

  • Stuttering in adolescents and adults

    The Camperdown Program is a speech restructuring treatment designed for adolescents and adults who stutter. Within this program, clients are taught a fluency enhancing technique which enables them to minimise stuttering. This technique is gradually shaped toward natural sounding speech.

    Once this is achieved, clients begin to practice using the technique in everyday situations. At this point, the speech pathologist works with the client to maintain consistent use of their technique.

Do I need a referral?

No. You can request an appointment by completing our online form (below).

What are the fees?

  • First session (assessment): $150 (concession: $80)
  • Subsequent sessions: $100 (concession: $60)

Concession rates for our clinics are available for those with a valid Health Care Card.

Due to requirements of Private Health insurers and Medicare, services provided by The University of Melbourne Speech Pathology Clinic are not refundable through Medicare or Private health insurers. We also do not currently offer services through NDIS.

Fees must be paid on the day of the appointment.

Request an appointment

If you are interested in attending this clinic, complete our online form:

Request an appointment

Alternatively, contact the University of Melbourne Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic on:
T: +61 3 9035 5333

Where is the clinic?

550 Swanston St, Carlton. Please check in with Reception (on your right as you enter off the street) when you arrive.