Audiology Services & Appointments

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are continually reviewing all our diagnostic and hearing aid services. We will continue to operate with additional infection control precautions in place to protect you and our staff.

We are also offering some of our services using telehealth practices.

Anyone attending the clinic will be required to pass a health check.

If you would like to make a booking or have an enquiry about our services, please call on 9035 5333 or email us at

Our response to the ACCC inquiry into the hearing industry


  • Full diagnostic hearing assessments (newborn to adult).
  • Advise on appropriate pathways of management for hearing loss.
  • Selection and fitting of new hearing aids, and evaluating of existing hearing aids.
  • We are also able to provide a range of earplugs for swimming, musicians and noise protection.
  • Our Balance Disorders Unit specialises in helping people who suffer from dizziness or imbalance.
  • Our Tinnitus service provides an evaluation of tinnitus and will develop a personalised management strategy suited to your needs.
  • Our counselling appointments use evidence-based techniques for managing negative thoughts and emotions related to hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and vestibular conditions.
  • Wax management
  • The Auditory Processing clinic identifies difficulties in interpreting the sounds you hear, despite having normal hearing. We are able to assess these skills and tailor a management plan to address any deficits identified.
  • The Autism clinic assesses the listening skills of your child on the spectrum and offers advice on management options proven to help. The clinic offers free trials of wireless listening systems that have been identified through recent research to enhance children’s speech recognition, attentiveness, and behaviour. Please visit to book an appointment.
  • Centre for Auditory Neuroscience: The University of Melbourne, Centre for Auditory Neuroscience, located in the Audiology Clinic, is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of disorders affecting the auditory nerve and central auditory pathways.  The service is managed by Dr Gary Rance and is aimed at infants, children and adults diagnosed with auditory neuropathy and individuals with hearing problems associated with neurodegenerative disease. Services are bulk-billed, referral is required.


As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are continually reviewing all our diagnostic and hearing aid services. At this stage, our clinic is open for urgent cases only. If you feel you need an urgent appointment, please do not come to the building but instead call us on 9035 5333 or send us email at

At this stage we are not seeing non-urgent cases but may be able to provide some other services in the near future and will regularly update our website to reflect this.  We still have Audiologists who can talk to you over the phone and we also have a full remote reception service.

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Further information

  • What should I expect to pay on the day?

    With a medical referral our core services are bulk billed through Medicare. Please note all new patients (excluding Health care card holders and VIHSP referred babies) will be required to pay a once off clinical fee of $65.

    Hearing Rehabilitation, Speech Pathology, Auditory Processing and Tinnitus Management  will incur additional fees. Please enquire at time of booking.

  • How appointments are run

    We are an Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic that treats teaching and learning as core business, while delivering high quality patient care. We provide experiential learning and students are included in all facets of the clinic. At all times students are supervised by an experienced clinician, and the clinic operates on the appointments times and structures as would be expected in a non-teaching clinic. At the same time the clinic is dedicated to providing patient-centred best practise service for the community.

  • Referral forms for GPs and other referrers