Our Practice

The University of Melbourne Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic is a Medicare bulk-billing clinic, dedicated to providing a patient centred, evidence based, clinical best practice service for all, specialising in communication, hearing and balance (vestibular) needs. We are a teaching clinic and Clinical Master’s students participate in our clinics, under supervision from fully qualified and experienced clinicians.

Mission Statement

To provide the community with a high quality patient-centred, evidence-based, clinical best practise service, within a financially self-sustaining facility while supporting a teaching environment.

The Clinic is at the forefront of optimising the student learning experience and utilises the latest technology and research to maximise patient outcomes.

About Us

We believe that Audiology is about much more than your hearing. Communication is about the whole person. We're here to work with you to set and reach your individual communication goals.

We are a team of experienced specialised Audiologists and Speech Pathologists. We offer you a comprehensive service and are continuing to build a "one-stop-shop" for high quality services tailored to your individual needs.

People who choose to work with us believe that everyone should be able to access excellent Audiology and Speech pathology care. For us, this starts with the whole person, and the individual's personal circumstances. We have a team of specialist clinicians who will work to to minimise the impact of communication and balance disorders. Together, we aim to provide you with Hearing, Speech and Balance healthcare that is tailored to your needs, in an environment that is caring, safe, and welcoming.

If you'd like to find out more about the individual clinicians who work at our clinic have a look at the Meet our team page also.

If you'd like to know what our fees are for specific services, please refer to our schedule of fees;

We are a learning organisation - constantly evaluating what we do and how we do it. We believe that this is a prerequisite for being a good teaching organisation.

We are a real Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic that treats teaching and learning as core business, while delivering high quality patient care. We provide experiential learning and students are included in all facets of the clinic. At all times students are supervised by an experienced clinician, and the clinic operates on the appointments times and structures as would be expected in a non-teaching clinic. At the same time the clinic is dedicated to providing patient-centred, evidence –based, clinical best practise service for the community.