Child Health & Well-being

Every child’s early experiences have a significant impact on their learning, development, health and future prospects. We recognise that the support that children and young people receive early in life is critical for their long-term health and wellbeing, educational, social and economic outcomes as adults.

Our programs of research in child health and wellbeing are extensive and span areas of health and social care. In the area of children's health we undertake world-leading research relating to learning and communication in children with cochlear implants, advances in bilateral and binaural hearing; the assessment of pain in preverbal children; the physiology of the neonate/parent interaction; improving the safety and quality of care of hospitalized children, and advances in child physiotherapy.

We are committed to supporting children's care undertaking  applied research that addresses some of our most pressing social concerns, for example, understanding the dynamics of child abuse and family violence, and developing and embedding social innovations that make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
Alliance to End Violence toward Women and Children Cathy Humphreys
Social Work
Asymptomatic thrombosis following the use of central venous lines in children Professor Fiona Newall Nursing
Bilateral and Binaural Hearing Karyn Galvin
Audiology and Speech Pathology
Broader Outcomes, Learning and Communication in Children Julia Sarant
Audiology and Speech Pathology
Building Evidence with Support to Transform (BEST) Practice Program Professor Fiona Newall Nursing
Centre for Applied Research in Effective Services (CARES) Aron Shlonsky
Social Work
Centre of Research Excellence in Child Language Professor Angela Morgan Audiology and Speech Pathology
Centre of Research Excellence – Newborn Medicine Dr Alicia Spittle Physiotherapy
Child Health & Well-being
Children Alicia Spittle
Collaboration for Improving Children’s Lives in the 21st Century: Rights focused, evidence based, impact driven Associate Professer Louise Harms Social Work
Developmental Stuttering Elaina Kefalianos Audiology and Speech Pathology
Domestic and family violence and parenting: mixed method insights into impact and support needs Professor Cathy Humphreys Social Work
Early detection and intervention for infants at high risk of motor impairments Dr Alicia Spittle Physiotherapy
Family Links: Kinship care and family contact Ms Meredith Kiraly, MBSc PhD Social Work
Fathering Challenges: Responsible, Responsive and Reparative Fathering Professor Cathy Humphreys Social Work
Impact of childhood growth patterns & latent cardiovascular risk factors on the microcirculation in adult life Optometry and Vision Sciences
Improving clexane therapy for patients and families: Education and engagement Professor Fiona Newall Nursing
Improving contact between children in out-of-home care and their birth parents Professor Cathy Humphreys Social Work
Independent Agency Network (IAN): Model of efficiency Professor Aron Shlonsky Social Work
Infant, Child and Adolescent Health Fiona Newall
Invisible Practices: Intervention with fathers who use violence Social Work
It takes a village: The support needs of non-familial kinship carers Ms Meredith Kiraly, MBSc PhD Social Work
Motor trajectories of children born <30 weeks’ gestation from birth to 5 years: early predictors and functional outcome Dr Alicia Spittle Physiotherapy
Neural basis of childhood speech and language disorders Angela Morgan Audiology and Speech Pathology
Neuroscience of Speech Adam Vogel
Audiology and Speech Pathology
Development and Implementation of a State-wide Newborn Observation and Response Charts (Newborn project) Professor Fiona Newall Nursing
Out of Home Care (OOHC) Transition Outcomes Professor Aron Shlonsky Social Work
Out of Home Care Quality Assurance Framework Professor Aron Shlonsky Social Work
Partnership for Innovation in Out-of-home Care Marie Connolly
Social Work
Predicting language skills from early auditory speech discrimination in infants with hearing loss Associate Professor Gary Rance Audiology and Speech Pathology
Services Connect Professor Aron Shlonsky Social Work
Streamlining antenatal – four pilot demonstration Professor Aron Shlonsky Social Work
Summer Internship Associate Professor Adam Vogel Audiology and Speech Pathology
The feasibility of smart-phones in the early detection of cerebral palsy Dr Alicia Spittle Physiotherapy
The PATRICIA Project: PAthways And Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working Professor Cathy Humphreys Social Work
Towards improved communication for medication safety: addressing the complexities managing medications in hospitalised children Professor Fiona Newall Nursing
Web-based preventive care intervention for preterm infants and their families – e-prem trial Dr Alicia Spittle Physiotherapy
Young and ‘care-full': The support needs of young kinship carers Ms Meredith Kiraly, MBSc PhD Social Work