Cancer Survivorship

Cancer is the second-most common cause of death in Australia. One in two Australian men and one in three Australian women will experience a diagnosis of cancer by their 85th year.

By 2020 the number of new cases diagnosed annually will reach approximately 150,000 - an increase of almost 40% from 2007. Despite advances in novel anti-cancer therapies that are revolutionising how and where we treat people affected by cancer, outcomes from these diseases remain highly variable across disease types, Indigenous status, gender and social status.

Our cancer research programs focus on examining and developing  novel methods to respond to  modifiable risk factors that impact, patient experience and clinical outcomes , including: communication and health literacy, disease and treatment-related problems, psychosocial factors, health service system and process issues, and health promoting opportunities such as the role of exercise rehabilitation and physical activity in cancer care. We do this across several different types of cancers.

Groups / Projects Research Lead Dept / Centre
Benefits of home-based rehabilitation in lung cancer Professor Linda Denehy Nursing
Cancer Nursing Research Professor Mei Krishnasamay
Cancer Survivorship
Communication skills: Consumer led training modules for cancer health care workers Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Defining unmet needs of haematology survivors: An exploratory study to inform intervention development Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Development of a tailored supportive care intervention for women living with advanced breast cancer Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Development of an online education resource to improve nursing care of older people with cancer Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Having the conversation: Embedding advanced care planning (ACP) into the care of older patients having major cancer surgery Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
M-Health: Efficacy and Cost-effectiveness of a smartphone App to reduce unmet needs and distress in people with cancer (ACE): a randomized controlled trial Professor Meiner Krishnasamy Nursing
Maligant wounds: Establishing a platform of knowledge for future practice oriented research Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Multidisciplinary care for women with metastatic breast cancer Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
Optimising the Capability of the Allied Health Workforce within Cancer Prehabilitation Professor Lynette Joubert Social Work
PanSupport - development of an experience based co-design, supportive care app with and for people affected by pancreatic cancer Professor Mei Krishnasamay
Practice Research Program in Health and Mental Health Professor Lynette Joubert
Social Work
Promoting an improved patient experience in gynaecological cancer care Professor Lynette Joubert Social Work
Promoting excellent cancer pain management at a comprehensive cancer centre in Victoria, Australia. Introduction and evaluation of a pain nurse consultant Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
RCT of RT for low risk luminal A breast cancer Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
The development of a nurse-sensitive, cancer care complexity index Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing
The Women's Wellness after Cancer Program: A National Multisite Randomised Clinical Trial of an E-Health Enabled Lifestyle Modification Intervention to Improve the Health and Wellness of Women after Cancer Treatment Professor Meinir Krishnasamy Nursing