A history of psychiatric nursing in Victoria, Australia

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The overall goal of this study is to investigate and then describe a history of psychiatric nursing in Victoria. An initial exploratory phase involving an in-depth review of the related published literature and other texts will enable the researchers to locate an appropriate period in history to commence the project, as previous historical studies may already have been undertaken. 

It is the researchers’ aims to document a history that includes an exhaustive review of the published literature and other textual sources, as well as first person accounts from psychiatric nurses identified through the initial exploratory phase of the project as being significant to the history of the discipline. A particular focus of the study will be on the educational and professional development of psychiatric nursing, and any other relevant historical facts as they emerge. 

The study will employ an exploratory descriptive design, which will enable the researchers to explore a wide range of phenomena around the topic. The researchers will approach psychiatric nurses who have been identified through a literature review as being significant to the historical development of the discipline, and invite them to participate in the study by agreeing to take part in an individual interview. Participants will be purposefully selected due to their ability to inform this project at different times in history. Subjects will be asked about their working experiences as a psychiatric nurse, and their contributions to the professional development of the discipline.


Dr Natisha Sands


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Sensory Neuroscience, Practice and service improvement

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