Speech as a marker of brain function

Project Details

  • Alertness and speech
  • Depression and speech
  • Drug use and speech
  • Communication changes resulting from ageing


  • Sandra Rojas, PhD Candidate
  • Jessica Chan, PhD Candidate


  • Dr Marcus Himmelbach (Hertie Institute, Tubingen, Germany)
  • Prof Paul Maruff (Florey Institute & Cogstate)
  • Prof Shantha Rajaratnam, Dr Clare Andersen (Monash University, Australia)
  • Dr Maria Luisa Scattoni (NIH, USA & Rome)
  • Dr Gabrielle Todd (University of South Australia)
  • Dr Thanasis Tsanas (Oxford University, UK)


  • Australian Research Council
  • Cogstate
  • NIH
  • The University of Melbourne

Research Group

Neuroscience of Speech

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School Research Themes

Sensory Neuroscience, Recovery and Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan

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Audiology and Speech Pathology

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Neuroscience of Speech