Communication in Dementia

  • Joint Project Leaders

    Professor Angela Morgan | Associate Professor Adam Vogel
    T: + 61 3 834 42169 (AM) | +61 3 903 55334 (AV)
    W: Personal web page

    Location: Level 02, 550 Swanston Street, Carlton, Parkville (AM & AV)

Project Details

  • Motor speech and early onset dementia
  • Virtual learning environments for communication skills training
  • Lexical retrieval interventions for individuals with primary progressive aphasia and Alzheimer's disease
  • Discourse interventions for individuals with primary progressive aphasia, Alzheimer's disease, and post stroke aphasia
  • Person centred care innovations for people living with dementia in residential aged care
  • Psychosocial support needs and cognitive-linguistic interventions for younger onset dementia
  • Speech pathology services for older people - National survey
  • Interprofessional education and student placements in residential aged care
  • Psychosocial support needs of adult head and neck cancer survivors and their families - Delphi study
  • Reading therapy following stroke
  • Communication in healthy ageing


Associate Professor Adam Vogel (Co-Lead)
Personal web page

Dr Jade Cartwright (Co-Lead)

  • Jess Chan, PhD Candidate
  • Matthew Poole, PhD Candidate (NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship)
  • Sandra Rojas, PhD Candidate (Becas Scholarship, Chile)


  • Prof Kirrie Ballard (University of Sydney)
  • Dr Janet Beilby, Dr Lauren Breen, Dr Naomi Cocks, Professor Barbara Horner, Dr Moira O'Connor, Ms Brooke Sanderson, Associate Professor Anne Whitworth (Curtin University, Perth Australia)
  • Dr Michelle Bennett (Australian Catholic University)
  • Dr Amy Brodtmann & A/Prof David Darby (Florey Neuroscience Institutes)
  • Associate Professor Shelley Brundage (George Washington University, USA)
  • Prof Paul Maruff (Cogstate & Florey Institute)
  • Ms Elizabeth Oliver (Catholic Homes Inc)
  • Dr Josh Spitalnick (Citrine Technologies, USA)
  • Dr Matthis Synofik (Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Science, Tübingen, Germany)
  • Dr Mark Walterfang (Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia)


  • Cogstate

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Neuroscience of Speech

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Sensory Neuroscience, Recovery and Rehabilitation Across the Lifespan

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Audiology and Speech Pathology