University of Melbourne Social Work Alumni Association

Committee Members
Left to right: Helen Murray, Vivienne McCutcheon, Jan Armstrong-Conn (back), Jane Miller, Jan O’Brien (back), Margaret Healy

In February 2007 the Social Work Department established a formal Alumni Association. The aims of the Association are to work within the overall strategic goals of the Faculty and the University in order to:

  • Assist in building the professional networks of the Social Work Department and its students and graduates
  • Raise the profile of social work within and beyond the University
  • Highlight the achievements of social work students and graduates within the University and in the broader community
  • Host alumni dinners and arrange other social events as appropriate
  • Assist with the arrangements for year reunions
  • Take on specific projects and activities as required

The current office bearers of the Association are:

President: Jane Miller

Secretary: Margaret Healy

Treasurer: Helen Murray

Social Events Manager: Jan Armstrong-Conn

General Members: Jan O'Brien, Vivienne McChutcheon

Staff representatives: Associate Professor Louise Harms, Dr Winsome Roberts

Ex officio / Head of Department: Professor Marie Connolly

The Alumni Committee can be contacted at