Honours in Vision Sciences

2017 Research projects for Honours (Vision Science)

Lab Director ProjectEmail
Eye Movement Unit 
Assoc. Prof. Larry Abel
  • The effects of age and cognitive load on fixation suppression of the optokinetic response.
Optological Unit
Dr Andrew Anderson
  • The influence of reward on where we look.
  • What does our motion processing system see as noise?
Clinical Trial and Ocular Physiology Units
Assoc. Prof. Bang Bui
  • Does blood pressure modify the eyes response to changes in intracranial and intraocular pressure?
  • Repeatability of visual evoked responses in the murine visual system.
Cornea and Immunology Unit
Dr Holly Chinnery
  • Post-mortem assessment of changes to the mouse cornea using spectral domain optical coherence tomography.
  • Does systemic infection alter the immunobiology of the ocular surface?
Anterior Eye, Clinical Trials and Research Translation Unit
Dr Laura Downie
  • The relationship between meibomian structural integrity and contact lens comfort.
  • Longitudinal changes in tear film stability with ocular lubricants.
National Vision Research Institute
Prof. Michael Ibbotson
  • Development of a bionic eye to return sight to the blind, including investigations of retinal physiology.
  • Cortical visual processing.
  • Modelling and measuring cortical development.
Clinical Psychophysics Unit
Prof. Allison McKendrick
  • Perceptual illusions in people with migraine.
  • What can imaging the eye reveal about migraine?
  • Motion perception in dim light.
Imaging Retinal Cells Human Unit
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Metha
  • Characterizing single red and white blood cell flow through human retinal capillary networks.
Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience Units
Prof. Trichur Vidyasagar
  • Brain mechanisms underlying reading.
  • Microarchitecture of the primary visual cortex.
  • Neural mechanisms of attention.

How to apply

If you are interested in any of the above projects as part of an Honours programme, you would need to apply online on the Faculty’s webpage.
Apply online

However, before you apply online, you are recommended to do the following:

  • Attend the MDHS Discover Research EXPO on Thursday, Sept 8th 2016, 2-4.30 PM Ground Floor, Alan Gilbert Building, visit Optometry & Vision Science table and talk to some of the staff and students who will be there


    Attend the Vision Sciences Poster Day (showcasing some of the research in the department in the form of conference posters) on Tuesday, 20th  September 2016, 12-1 PM,  Alice Hoy Building, Level 4 (Corridor West).
  • Look up the departmental webpage to get a detailed idea of the research interests of the various research units.
  • Contact by email, one or more laboratory Heads, whose research areas interest you, provide them with your curriculum vitae and academic transcripts and arrange a meeting to discuss a project in more detail. You have to enter these preferences in your online application.