Student News

Prestigious international award

Congratulations to DOVS PhD student, Jeremiah Lim, who has been awarded the prestigious Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award, for the most outstanding young presenter at the 54th International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV) Annual Symposium held in Singapore. The award is presented to a young scientist who, in the opinion of the Adjudication Panel, makes the best presentation at the Annual Symposium of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV). Jeremiah’s study entitled “Functional and structural insights into ageing and Alzheimer’s disease in a murine model” has implications for our understanding of ocular manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease.

Inspiring Student Optometrist Award

Congratulations to OD3 student Emily Glover on being awarded the Inspiring Student Optometrist Award, sponsored by Collins St Optometrists. The award was presented
at the OD Student Conference 2016. Emily was acknowledged for promoting rural heath initiatives.

International Clinical Placements for OD4 students

A unique feature of the University of Melbourne Doctor of Optometry program is the international clinical placement experience that all students undertake in their final year of study. All OD students travel overseas for a period of 6-8 weeks and learn about optometry and eyecare in a global context. To help support these overseas placements the department was awarded funding to support students under the Australian Government Endeavour scheme. Ten awards were received to support students travelling to any destination in the world, and ten to support students to travel to destinations in Asia. Eligible students receive funding of $2000 each to assist in their travels. We look forward to hearing about their experiences and seeing the transition in their skills and outlook post their travel in 2017.

Melbourne School of Health Sciences Research Higher Degree Colloquium

Our RHD students (PhD, Masters) all participate in the MSHS RHD colloquium. The colloquium provides an opportunity for our PhD and MPhil students to share their latest research with other research students and staff from across the school, with an emphasis on presenting work in an engaging fashion to other health care disciplines.

Presentations included: Angela Duan “Reactivity to gas breathing perturbations in human retinal microvasculature”; Marzier Salehi Fadardi “The effect of task condition on infantile nystagmus syndrome varies with gaze position”; Mojtaba Kermani: “Role of feature selectivity in the macaque’s Posterior Parietal Cortex”; Jeremiah Lim: “Functional and structural insights into ageing and Alzheimer’s disease in a murine model”; Menaka Malavita: “The effect of ageing and attention on visual crowding and surround suppression”; Nicholas Owen: “Investigating biomarkers for early age-related macular degeneration using optical coherence tomography”; Adela Park: “The allocation of motion and reference frame in the absence of perceptual stabilization of small eye movements”: Kabilan Pitchaimuthu: “Foveal centre surround contrast suppression reveals differential effect of ageing on binocular and interocular suppression”; Nikki Rubinstein: “Incorporating probabilistic graphical models into visual field testing”. While these titles sound complicated, the projects can more simply be described as contributing to improving methods for diagnosing eye disease, brain disease, understanding changes to the brain that impact vision in the elderly, and improving methods for clinical detection of visual field loss, nystagmus, and AMD.

Research higher degree students represent the future of knowledge creation in optometry and vision sciences. During their candidature, most attend national and international conferences, hence are the young face of the future development of the discipline. Our current PhD students come from all around the world, including local optometrists that have moved back to the department after a stint in practice, or who are combining their research work part-time with optometric practice. We welcome enquires about our research program at any time.