Psychotherapy Essentials for mental health nursing

The Psychotherapy Essential for Mental Health Nurses (PE4MHN) program is designed for mental health nurses working in community settings who wish to develop psychotherapeutic nursing practices. It will provide you with skills that support and contribute to a consumer’s recovery journey, through techniques that lessen the impact of mental illness and/or mental health treatment on the consumer’s experience.

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PE4MHN is a ten-day workshop that incorporates five days face-to-face and five days online learning

Note:A pilot rollout of this program is currently scheduled in late 2017. We expect to open expressions of interest to all Victorian area mental health services by mid-2018. In the meantime, bookmark this page for ongoing updates on the availability of this program.

What will participants learn in PE4MHN program?

  1. An overview of the psychotherapeutic model of mental health nursing, and how this model differs from cognitive and pharmacotherapy models.
  2. Different ways of thinking about psychological suffering, and new ways of conceptualising mental health care in terms of a holistic set of aims
  3. The Recovery Alliance Theory, and its emphasis on consumer experience over psychological labelling
  4. An overview of the neuroplasticity science that underpins psychotherapeutic nursing, and the case for psychotherapeutic interventions from a biological perspective.
  5. A range of applied psychotherapeutic nursing skills, acquired through participation in simulated psychotherapy exercises