‘Check out’ from the Recovery Library: Changing the conversation

This month’s ‘check out’ looks at the strengths based approach, one of nine key pillars of recovery-oriented Framework for specialist mental health practice

Strengths-based practice involves emphasising people’s strengths, skills, passions and resourcefulness, and seeking opportunities to support and build on these as part of nursing practice.

In this video excerpt from the Library, Bridget Hamilton talks about how a deliberate focus on strengths can lead to a “whole different conversation” with consumers: one that can help mental health nurses to “correct our understanding of who [it is] we are working with”.

And in this video excerpt, Wanda Bennetts talks about how a focus on ‘problems’ and ‘deficiencies’ “keeps people in that ‘sick’ space”, and can act as a barrier to people taking the kinds of “positive risks” that can lead to the new learning and experiences necessary to an individual’s recovery journey.