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We offer a complete range of hearing, balance, communication and speech therapy assessments and for all ages.

Our response to the ACCC inquiry into the hearing industry



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Further information

  • What should I expect to pay on the day?

    With a medical referral our core services are bulk billed through Medicare. Please note all new patients (excluding Health care card holders and VIHSP referred babies) will be required to pay a once off clinical fee of $65.

    Hearing Rehabilitation, Speech Pathology, Auditory Processing, Tinnitus Management and Vestibular rehabilitation consultations will incur additional fees. Please enquire at time of booking.

  • How appointments are run

    We are an Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinic that treats teaching and learning as core business, while delivering high quality patient care. We provide experiential learning and students are included in all facets of the clinic. At all times students are supervised by an experienced clinician, and the clinic operates on the appointments times and structures as would be expected in a non-teaching clinic. At the same time the clinic is dedicated to providing patient-centred best practise service for the community.

  • Referral forms for GPs and other referrers